These terms and conditions specify the terms and conditions for using the (Al-Yaman) website.
Using this website constitutes full acceptance of all of these terms and conditions. If the user of the website does not agree to them or any part of them, he must refrain from using our website.
These terms and conditions are considered an agreement between the subscribers of the site on the one hand and the “Al-Yaman” site on the other hand, so all the terms of this agreement must be adhered to, otherwise the violator will be subject to legal liability, and he is obliged to compensate for the damages arising from the violation.

Description of the platform/site
“Al-Yaman” website is a website owned by Al-Yaman Trading Company, which is registered in the Commercial Register in China with the number: 2583691478523, located in the city of China.
It is a website specialized in selling decorative goods, gifts, occasions, stationery and other various products in wholesale and semi-wholesale, and here are some of the features that Our website provides them as follows:
– “Al-Yaman” website provides a service of delivering products to customers to the door of the customer’s warehouse or his workplace in return for a sum of money to be determined at the time of the purchase process.
– We inform you that the “Al-Yaman” website has a lot of customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so our delivery service to Saudi Arabia may be faster than other countries.
– “Al-Yaman” website provides a product evaluation service from customers after they purchase the product. Al-Yaman website provides customer service and technical support to subscribers, whether customers or users of the store. – “Al-Yaman” website provides different payment methods for the customer to choose the appropriate method for him and pay with it. For more details, please review the site policies.

The meanings of some of the terms contained in the terms of this Agreement
We, our site, ours, the site, the store, the platform, our store: all these terms refer to the “Al-Yaman” site. Subscriber, subscribers, customers, buyer, users:
These terms mean everyone who uses and subscribes to the “Al-Yaman” website in order to benefit from the products or services provided by the website.
Suppliers, Supplier:
These terms mean the subscribers to the site and have the right to display their own products through the “Al-Yaman” site.

How to register and subscribe to the site
Registration on the “Al-Yaman” website is done by the e-mail and mobile number of each individual who wants to register with a password assigned to him, after agreeing to all the terms and conditions that govern how to use the site.
– It is not required to register in the store a certain age to participate. Subscription to the site is free for life.
Those subscribers who are registered on the site during the subscription period have the ability to purchase the products or services that are available and displayed on the site during their subscription period.
Visitors to the site may be able to browse some pages and services and view some general information without registering and subscribing to the site.

All subscribers to the “Al-Yaman” site may unsubscribe from the site at any time and according to their desire. – “Al-Yaman” site has the right to terminate its relationship with any subscriber, remove it and ban it from the site if this subscriber violates any of these terms and conditions or our policies without prior notice.
To upload them to the site’s systems or delete them.

legal responsibility
For all registered subscribers to the site, everything entered through them to the site is at their own risk. Al-Yaman site has no responsibility for the validity of this data.
All subscribers to the site acknowledge that they have the full capacity to contract and conclude legal actions, and acknowledge that they are bound by all these terms and conditions and are required to any compensation that may be requested from them, whether consensual or judicial. All registered subscribers on the site acknowledge their commitment not to enter any contents related to hacking or spying, not to publish any malicious programs or viruses, and not to publish sexual and pornographic materials, or in violation of public morals. Violation of this clause is required to pay Jaber compensation for the damage.
– All subscribers to the site also acknowledge that all images, videos, content, trademarks and topics uploaded on the site from their side are their responsibility, and the images and trademarks should not be protected from third parties, and in the event of a violation of this clause, the owner of the act bears full legal responsibility.
– All registrants on the site categorically prohibit the use of robots, spiders, reptiles and other programs or register on the site through other unauthorized programs, and it is also prohibited to use programs to collect and harvest mail addresses or e-mail addresses from the store for inappropriate purposes.
All subscribers to the site acknowledge that their use of the site is for lawful purposes only, and they are committed not to use the site or the information, services or products available on it, to carry out any act that results in a violation or crime, under the regulations in force in the State of China.
With regard to the electronic payment services provided by the “Al-Yaman” website, all users of this service acknowledge that the credit card or payment card used to conduct this process is authorized to be used to conduct business operations for the user for this service (electronic payment) and under their personal responsibility.

Disclaimer of legal responsibility
All registrants of the site acknowledge that everything that is submitted or published on the site by them is their responsibility, and they acknowledge that the “Al-Yaman” site is not responsible for everything that is entered or published by the subscribers.

All subscribers to the site acknowledge that this site “Al-Yaman” will not in any case bear any material or in-kind compensation for any error that may occur in the future, and this acknowledgment also applies to everyone who works in managing the site and the owners of the site, whether he is a manager, employee or shareholder. compensation they demand.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
All content on this site, including design, images, software, text and other information is the property of “Al Yaman” or its licensors under contracts signed with the site, and all such content is protected by copyright laws and regulations and other intellectual property laws.
All subscribers to the site may not copy, display, modify, publish, sell or license any part of the contents of this store, its products or services, obtained from this store in any medium and to anyone, except as expressly permitted by applicable law or as set forth in these terms and related terms or a joint agreement.
Users may download or print contents from the Site only for personal, non-commercial use, provided that all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property agreements are not affected.

Errors, omissions, and inaccuracies
Sometimes there may be information on our site that contains typographical errors or inaccuracies and there may be omissions regarding descriptions of services or products, pricing, promotions, fees, availability times, etc., and in this regard we are not responsible in any way for these errors and what may result from them. .

External Website Links
Some of the content, products and services available through our “Al-Yaman” site may include external materials or links (they are not providers of services or products on the site), and these links may direct the subscriber to third parties not related to the site, in which case we are not responsible for examining or evaluating Content We do not guarantee these links and we will not accept any responsibility for everything related to these external links, and we do not take any responsibility for the products or services provided by these links. We are not liable for any damages related to the use of the Services, Content or any other transactions related to any third party website.

– We may change these terms and conditions from time to time by updating the content of this page, so all subscribers to the site must check this page and refer to it from time to time to ensure that the changes made will be accepted and satisfied, and in the event of changing these terms and conditions, our site is committed “Al-Yaman” sends a notification to all subscribers of our website via the e-mail of each subscriber stating that our website has changed the terms and conditions with a link to the terms that have been modified for their review.
These terms and conditions are valid from the day following the date of their publication on the store/website. All subscribers to the store/site acknowledge their acceptance of these terms and conditions and acknowledge their acceptance of any modifications that may be made.

These terms and conditions, in their interpretation and application, are governed by the laws of the State of China, as well as all lawsuits are subject to the same laws, and in the event, God forbid, that any dispute arises between one of the subscribers of the site and the site, the courts of the State of China shall have jurisdiction over this dispute.

Agree to the terms and conditions
All subscribers to the “Al-Yaman” website acknowledge that they have read these terms and conditions in detail and are bound by everything stated in them and they are not allowed to violate these terms, and they acknowledge their acceptance of these terms and conditions in full.
The store may ban the violator if it persists in the violation