Privacy policy

The privacy policy explains how the information entered on the “Al-Yaman” website is used and this policy protects any information provided by subscribers to the site when they use this store/website.
The (Al-Yaman) site is committed to ensuring the protection of privacy for all the information entered into it, so that the registrants of the site can provide certain information if we ask them to do so, through which we can determine the identity of the user of this site, and they must be certain and assured that this data will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

Subscriber account and password
The subscriber is registered by e-mail or by mobile number, and all registrants on the site must choose their own password, and the responsibility to protect this password and not share or publish it is on the subscriber, and in the event of any transactions using this password, the subscriber bears all the responsibilities resulting from that , without any responsibility on the “Al-Yaman” website.
All information provided by subscribers to the site is treated in strict confidence and is not sold or shared with any third party who is not authorized to access it, and here are some cases of information use:
– Develop the services provided by the store/website.
– In the event of contracting with another party to develop the services we provide, after committing not to share any information that contradicts these terms.
– If we are legally bound by a court order to disclose any information.

Information security
The following personal information may be collected, stored and used:
– information about the device of subscribers to the site, including their IP address, geographic location, browser type and version, and operating system. – Information about visiting and using the Website including the referral source, the duration of the visit, what users view on the page, and their browsing paths on the Website.
– Information entered by subscribers and users when registering on the site, such as email address and mobile number.
– Information that subscribers enter when creating a profile on our site – for example, name, profile pictures, gender, date of birth, marital status, interests and hobbies, educational status, and job details.
– Information entered by subscribers while using the services available on our website.
– Information generated while using our site, including the times and frequency of use of the site and the circumstances in which you use the site.
– Information contained in any communications sent to us by the Subscriber via email or via the Site, including the Subscribed Content and metadata.
– All subscribers and users of our store agree to store all of this information above, and our “Al-Yaman” website is committed to ensuring the protection of privacy for all this information entered into it.

Purchase Policy
Each subscriber on our “Al-Yaman” site can purchase any of the products displayed on the site, and during the purchase process, the site asks the buyer of the product to specify the place of delivery of the product.
The site shows all the details of the purchase request to the buyer before completing the purchase order.
A specific product or about negotiating a specific product, and here are the steps to purchase from the site:
– The customer orders the purchase of the product from the site, then determines the method of payment for the price to be paid, and determines the address to deliver the product to.
– After that, the processing time for the purchase order and the shipping and delivery period for the buyer (customer) is indicated.
– After that, the customer receives a message on (the mobile or email registered with us) with the order number and the order status.
– After reviewing and approving the request from the site administration and starting to prepare it, the customer receives a message after approving the request, explaining the date of delivery of the product purchased from the customer.
– The site may, within 48 hours of the purchase order, cancel the purchase order for any reason, according to the site’s unilateral will, and we inform you that among the reasons for the site’s cancellation of the purchase order is that the product to be purchased has been sold out of the site’s stores or if the money transfer notice has not been sent From the customer to the account of the site within a week from the date of the purchase order, or in the absence of the possibility of shipping to the specified point and other reasons that may lead to the cancellation of the order by the site, and in the event of canceling the purchase order from the site, the buyer (customer) recovers the full amounts paid to the site .
– The customer has the right to cancel the purchase order within 48 hours from the date of the purchase order. The customer communicates through the communication channels available on the site and requests to cancel the purchase, and the amount due will be refunded from the site within a period of seven working days.

Payment Policy
The buyer must pay for the product that he purchased from our site, in addition to the delivery price, through the payment methods available on the site, which are payment cards issued by (Visa – MasterCard), or by (Wire Transfer) or by (PayPal), and the buyer cannot pay the price upon receipt.

Shipping and delivery policy
Our website “Al-Yaman” provides a delivery service to our customers, in order to provide maximum satisfaction and comfort to customers, and our delivery service is characterized by the following:
– Our customers must be aware that the delivery period of the product is determined at the time of the purchase order, and once the purchase process is completed, this is considered the approval of the customer on all the details of the product in addition to agreeing to the delivery period specified by the site. – The customer’s order is prepared and processed according to the customer’s requirements, and the product is packaged in a safe manner to ensure that the product reaches the best quality to the customer.
– The order is delivered to the customer by the various shipping companies that have been contracted with.
– The site is obligated to inform the customer of any delay in delivery beyond the specified date.
– In the event that the customer is not at the address entered in the order when purchasing the product from the site, the order will be delivered to any other person at the address registered with us.
– If the order was delivered to the specified address and we could not deliver the order because the customer was not available, and the customer was contacted and informed of another location for delivery or informed us that the order was delivered at another location, in this case the order is delivered according to the customer’s desire and at the specified place, but with two conditions:
1- The first is that The new place is in the same city specified in the first address.
2- and the second condition is that an additional amount is to be paid on the value of the order to be determined by the shipping and delivery company as a delivery value to the new place.

Return and exchange policy
We, “Al-Yaman” site, are committed to all that is stated in these terms, conditions and policies of our store, and these controls and policies have been established to preserve the rights of both the site and customers, and we always strive to develop our services and provide the highest quality of services provided through our site, and in order to preserve the rights of our customers we have developed a refund policy And replace products purchased from our site, which are as follows:
The buyer may exchange or return the product that he purchased from our site according to the following conditions:
– The buyer (customer) has the right to exchange or return the product that he purchased from our site within three days from the date of receiving the product, if the product is defective, does not conform to specifications or does not conform to the purpose for which it was purchased.
– In the event of returning or exchanging the product at the customer’s request, the product must be in the entire condition in which the product was received, the product must be within the shipping carton and airtight, the product must be in its original condition and there are no traces of use of the product, and the product must be The product contains all its own decals, pictures and labels.
– In the event of a return, the customer receives the full price of the returned product after deducting the shipping and delivery expenses that were paid by the customer when purchasing the product, but in the case of replacing the product, no money is returned to the customer, in addition to the customer bearing the replacement shipping expenses if the replacement is not due to a defect or product damage.
– In the event of a return or exchange due to a defect or damage to the product, the customer shall refund the full price of the product and the price of shipping and delivery that was paid and does not bear any new fees in this case, the shipping and delivery expenses in this case are borne by our “Al-Yaman” website It is not necessary to return or replace the entire order, but only the defective or damaged product can be returned or replaced.
– In the event that the buyer wishes to replace the product purchased from the site, the buyer shall bear the shipping and delivery costs incurred in replacing the product.
– For the implementation of the exchange or refund process, after fulfilling the previous conditions, the following steps must be followed:
– The customer (the buyer) must communicate with the customer service of the site and inform them of the desire to exchange or return the product and specify the reason for the return or replacement in detail.
– By communicating with the site’s customer service, a date will be set to receive the product to be returned or replaced by the customer, and the shipping and delivery expenses required to complete the process will be determined.
– The delivery representative comes to the customer and receives the product to be returned or exchanged.

Content censorship
Our “Al-Yaman” website reserves the right to monitor any content entered by the subscriber or user, without being obligated to do so.
Therefore, we reserve the right (without obligation) to delete, remove or edit any entered materials that violate the terms and conditions of the site without referring to the content owner.

We may change this policy from time to time by updating the content of this page, so all subscribers must check and refer to it from time to time to ensure that the changes made will be acceptable to them and the terms of this policy are effective from the day following the date of its publication on the site.

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